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Film Online Holiday (2014)

Film Online Holiday (2014)

A military officer attempts to hunt down a terrorist, destroy a terrorist gang and deactivate the sleeper cells under its command.

Holiday: A soldier is never off duty is an interesting take on the unexplored subject of Sleeper Cells. The plot is interesting and is executed well by the director. It is a refreshing dispatch from the usual films made on The Indian Army. The film is triggered when Captain Virat Bakshi played by Akshay Kumar, intelligently stops 12 serial blasts with his team. Thus ensues a cat and mouse game between the sleeper cell head played by Freddy Daruwala and Captain Virat Bakshi.

The music is not up to the mark and the romance between Akshay and Sonakshi gives a few light moments. The chemistry between Sumeet Raghavan and Akshay Kumar is better than that between Akshay and Sonakshi. Sumeet Raghavan gives a good performance among the cast. Freddy Daruwala as the antagonist fails to leave an impression but the film is carried beautifully by Akshay Kumar who gives a superlative performance.

He throws himself into the action sequences and performs them excellently, he has spot on comic timing and also gives a restrained performance when he is needed to. The actor is in top form here. Sonakshi Sinha doesn't have much scope.

Overall, "Holiday: A soldier is never off duty" is worth a watch for its novel concept and makes one stand and salute the Indian Army.