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Film Online Zombie 108 (2012)

Film Online Zombie 108 (2012)

Description : Ximending, the downtown of Taipei, a sin-darkened district packed with violence and drugs, is now confronting a far worse situation. Because of a virus incident, Taipei is afflicted in cataclysm. The government orders to evacuate all residents in the vicinity.

But the underworld gangs are still dissipated and havent got a clue about that. Meanwhile, SWAT teams break in and prepare to bring on the strike so as to disrupt the triads reigning in Ximending.

Unexpectedly, the gang lackeys suddenly turn into zombies and attack every living person. In no time, the whole downtown is with such huge bloodshed. Now the gang bosses, policemen, SWAT teams and civilians have no choice but to work together to escape for life, in seemingly good teamwork, but they have hidden schemes to compete with and will even kill each other.

Linda(Yvonne Yao), a stacked, sweet and resolute woman, just breaks away from the hunt of zombies but falls into another predicament. A pervert(Joe Chien) loots and detains several women including Linda in his basement for sexual indulgence. As a widow, she can only be subjected to him for the sake of her little daughter. What could she do to survive the fatality by the lustful devil and the voracious zombies?